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Braid Hampered By XBLA Restrictions

August 12th 2008 04:56
braid XBLA

Braid, the recently released to rave reviews, would have been even better if it were not restraind the restrictions of the XBLA service, and will limit any sort of profit that might have made on the title to the extent that the creator would think twice about using the service again.

Jonathan Blow, the games designer says, “I put in a tremendous amount of work meeting all these requirements, when I could have put that work into the actual game, and made it even a little more polished, little bit better. He further added, “But I feel like it actually decreases the quality of games, because people spend so much of their energy on these things that users don't even really care about.”

He goes on to say that the restrictions really inhibit the small games designers in their efforts to put out titles, as the restrictions seem to be geared towards the bigger developers.

And though we have been gagging at the games 1200 MS points tag, Blow doesn't think he will be able to make anything from the success of Braid. “What would keep me from putting another game on Arcade again is just that they've changed the business deal—at least as I've heard. If it's as I've heard that it is, I couldn't even necessarily break even.” said Blow.

Not a good start for a service that has just begun to hype it's home brew to the masses.

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Comment by Anonymous

August 12th 2008 05:47
I'm interested to know what are these 'restrictions' because the article implicates that it makes Xbox Live titles harder to develop and limit the profits.

The writer of the article should have searched more into this.

Comment by Anonymous

August 12th 2008 06:14
Seriously.. it would be nice to have some you know.. actual information. Mind filling us in what these restrictions are?

Comment by Anonymous

August 12th 2008 06:31
Good job quoting from the Gamasutra article and not giving credit, or putting all the other context into the story.

Comment by Polybotic Thief

August 12th 2008 11:33
I'm not suprised someone else thinks that Microsoft puts money into things that the user doesn't want. You might be suprised with the amount of people who agree. Call them PS3 and Wii owners.

Comment by Anonymous

August 12th 2008 12:27
Wa'ah, just look at the Microsoft Defense Force cry about it. Face it, he doesnt like it, plain pure and simple. One of the "restrictions" of XBLA is a game can be no more than 250 MB's (it used to be less! it used to be 50 MB). And he's also saying that MS is charging to much and he's still barely making anything out of it. Now face it fanbabies.

Comment by Anonymous

August 12th 2008 13:29
Come over to the PSN network and you won't have the problem.....

Comment by Anonymous

August 12th 2008 15:05
Your text goes here

Your wish for PSN might be granted...

Comment by Anonymous

August 12th 2008 15:14
Come over to the PSN network and you won't have the problem.....

PSN network is a little redundant because the N in PSN stands for network.

PlayStation Network Network?

Comment by Anonymous

August 12th 2008 21:38
This article is so vague as to be useless. What restrictions existed? What are the new restrictions that Blow is referring to? Heeeeeellooooooo?

Comment by Anonymous

August 12th 2008 21:59
THe developer should have talks with PSN, or better yet Sony, It should be paradise for in there, as they dont have such harsh restrictions like XBOXlive

Comment by Anonymous

August 13th 2008 05:32
Will be happy when PSN gets a better port of Braid, since it won't have said "restrictions" for the developers...unless Microsoft bought an exclusive deal.

Comment by Anonymous

August 14th 2008 13:33
Why anyone would get in business with MS at this stage is beyond me.

Comment by Anonymous

August 26th 2008 22:02
i wasn't planning on buying it anyway so no biggie to me.

i also don't get why you couldn't be more specific. i'm sure that when/if he was to actually tell us what these restrictions were, they would seem like complaints from a ten year old.

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